Google Nexus Q Features & Price

Google Nexus Q Features :

Google Nexus Q five  Features : Nexus 7 tablet, Google unveiled another gadget called Nexus Q at Google I/O. The first streaming media player. The gadget content like music, movies and TV. Google Nexus Q is a great 5 features they are 1. Android compatible 2. Multiple device 3. No plug-ins required .4. Hardware of Nexus Q 5. Availability and cost.

Google Nexus Q :

1. Android Compatible : The Nexus Q create a play list on Android devices running on Gingerbread (Android 2.3) & higher version. and use thier Google play or you tube accounts to play.

2. Multiple device : The fun by connecting their  Android devices over Wi-Fi include blue tooth and NFC with micro AB USB.

3. No plug-ins : Nexus Q will make sure that you will never have to download plug-ins. Google play can all your music in i Tunnes and windows media player Via music manager.

4. Hardware : The Nexus Q has an in built amplifier and most powerful speakers, HDMI cable, videos to the screen. users can also turn up the sound Via their smart phone of tablet.

5. Availability and cost : Nexus Q will be launched in the US only at a price tag of $299. which weighs 2 pounds has a diameter of 4.6 inches, with triad bookshelf speaker worth $399 and speaker cables with banana plugs.

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