Saina Movie Review



Saina Movie Review Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Anupam Kher, Kunal Kapoor, Tanishaa Mukerji Director: Vipul Amrutlal Shah

What’s Good: Vipul Amrutlal Shah knows the perfect formula for Bollywood films. How hard and obvious can it be. He’s made a decent comeback with Saina. The film doesn’t entirely fall into tropes of various sports movies. There is an emotional narration and focus on the family.

What’s Good: 2/5

What’s Bad: 2/5

Loo Break: 3/5

Watch or Not?: No, there’s absolutely nothing new here and you don’t need to see it.

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Former world champion badminton player Saina Nehwal’s father Harvir Singh Nehwal (Anupam Kher) works for Indian Railways. The family is based in Gurgaon. Saina is extremely talented in badminton and lives a happy and peaceful life with her mother (Tanishaa Mukerji) and brother (Rikhsas Varma). However, tragedy strikes when her badminton career is cut short because of an injury.

She then gets into politics and becomes one of the most formidable political opponents to the formidable Arvind Kejriwal. Her new journey as a politician, and her relationships with several people on this new journey, form the crux of the story. The film also involves the main crux of many sports movies – rivalry between two opponents. However, the film works when it deals with Saina’s journey as an athlete.

Saina Movie Review: Script Analysis

Saina, too much of Vikas Bahl’s Queen, is Anupam Kher’s film, the same way one can call Anubhav Sinha’s Mogul a biopic on a badminton player, one can call this movie on Saina Nehwal. But there’s absolutely nothing new here in Saina. It’s a usual slice of life movie where the protagonist’s life is a real life sports story.

The film fails to weave a convincing plot and the second half is nothing but an exaggerated version of how politicians play with their opponents and their egos. Kher is brilliant as Harvir Nehwal and the plot seems to be inspired from him. The actors, especially Kunal Kapoor, playing Saina’s brother are excellent in their respective roles. Tanishaa Mukerji as Saina’s mother looks promising and Karishma Kapoor plays the supportive girlfriend very well. But other than Anupam Kher and Kunal Kapoor, the other actors fail to impress.

Saina Movie Review: Star Performance

Anupam Kher gets on screen and makes sure that the audience stays glued to the screen throughout. Kher is great in his role of Saina’s father, but the film fails to connect with the audience because of his character.

Kunal Kapoor as Saina’s brother is one of the best things in the movie. There’s a lot of comedy in his character and the actor is brilliant. At the same time, he’s good in the negative roles as well.

Karishma Kapoor plays the role of a supportive girlfriend to Saina’s character well. She is decent in her role and has the potential to be an amazing actress but she’s overrated.

Tanishaa Mukerji is competent in her role, but she’s only there to entertain the audience.

Saina Movie Review: Direction, Music

Vipul Amrutlal Shah takes us back to Bollywood to present a cliched sports film. Saina is, strictly speaking, a great comeback film of Anupam Kher after Neerja. But it fails to do justice to the versatile actor. There’s absolutely nothing new in the film and all the actors are fairly mediocre in their respective roles.

Saina has the potential to be a fantastic sports film, but it turns out to be an average one. The two songs in the film are quite catchy but they don’t add much to the storyline. One of the songs ‘The Zingaat Song’ has the best ‘Zingaat’ song in recent times. It’s not a hit, but it definitely works for the film.

Saina’s Theme Song works only because of the music, and one has a great respect for Kher’s performance. Also, you might like the song ‘Baba Ka Yaar’ a lot.

Saina Movie Review: The Last Word

Saina is a forgettable sports film. The film does not raise any moral issue in any way. It’s an average movie that does not leave you with a good feeling.

One can say that it’s a family entertainer and not a pure sports film. One cannot deny the achievements of the Saina Nehwal and her father, Harvir, both of whom put in hard work to make Saina the icon she is today.

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