Authorities need to travel 54 km in T.N. what’s more, another 29 km in the adjoining State to arrive at Kuttaiyur

Arriving at a surveying station in the Anthiyur Assembly body electorate can be a huge assignment for political decision authorities. They need to travel 54 km by street in Tamil Nadu and another 29 km in Karnataka to arrive at Kuttaiyur in the Bargur panchayat.

Situated on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka line and 83 km away from Anthiyur, the Government Tribal Residential Middle School fills in as a surveying corner for 489 balloters of the town and Velampatti.

The authorities need to cover 54 km from Anthiyur to Kargekandi in Chamrajanagar area of Karnataka and travel 24 km from that point to Jallipalayam. At that point, they need to head out five km to arrive at the line, cross a stream and walk 750 meters to arrive at Kuttaiyur. “It requires around three hours to arrive at the corner from Anthiyur,” says a political decision official who as of late visited Kuttaiyur. In the wake of surveying, the materials must be shipped to the checking focus at Gobichettipalayam, which is 47 km away. The authority says a small lorry will be utilized for transport, while the hand-held handsets of the Departments of Forest and Police will be utilized for correspondence as the town has no cell phone interface.

The town, which has a populace of 450, is found 27 km away from the Kadambur Hills. It can likewise be reached through a five km woods pathway from Makkampalayam. Be that as it may, stones and four streams along the stretch will harm EVMs and VVPATs, says the authority.

Driving has been a burdensome assignment for the residents, who rely upon a get vehicle to arrive at Makkampalayam and afterward take Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation transports to arrive at government workplaces at Anthiyur. To purchase staple goods and visit medical clinics, they go to Jallipalayam. Detachment has constrained understudies of the town to nonconformist and become workers. Kid relationships are likewise uncontrolled.